Our playspace is a carpeted, 30ft by 20ft room just for the little one – an open space, for open play. The room is filled with age-appropriate, developmentally stimulating toys, a train table, small ride-on toys, a soft-play area, a play kitchen and books. Our playspace is meant to be a space where the children lead the way, while still under the watchful eye of their caregivers. It is a place to forge new friendships – for children and adults – a place to learn to crawl and walk, a place to practice fine and gross motor skills and a place to feel loved and supported. Come for an hour, or spend the whole day - our playspace is open whenever Families First is open. Come in the morning to play for awhile, take a break and have lunch in our snack room, go read a book in our library and then return to the playspace for some more fun.